1,2 & 3 Trimesters are okay

(60min or 90min is okay)

2 hour-Not recommended 

You must inform the therapist at

the time of booking that you

are pregnant. 

Myofacial Release

This involves gentle traction, pressure and positioning of the joints for better range of motion and mobility


Target that area that is giving you grief. Warm  specific work to loosen that tight muscle.

Deep Tissue Therapy

Is just that.....DEEP.  This is a 90min or 120 min session of slow deep integrated work.

*Must be well hydrated and by assessment only


A full body relaxing  flowing strokes. Light, medium or deep pressure for an amazing relaxation experience.

Mix Muscle

A special blend of muscle melting stress relief-mix muscle therapy targeted at aching areas and overall relaxation.


A sideline position of pure bliss as you and your little one enjoy stress relief together.  First, Second and Third trimesters

*Yes you can!

Trigger Point Therapy

Tender knots released- 90 min or 120 min slow intense work to release tissue build up.

*Must be well hydrated and by assessment only

The Earth Elements 

  Massage Therapy

 Kennesaw, GA



Stimulating massage, working on each body segment individually. It is invigorating, feels great and gets you going!