The Earth Elements 

  Massage Therapy

 Kennesaw, GA


Sweet Feet .........

Foot Therapy Rates
Modality                                       30min   60min   90min

Foot Detox                                    $35
Sugar Foot Scrub/spa              $35
Foot Spa & Massage                                 $40          $60
Foot Hot Stone Massage                        $45          $65
Reflexology (45min)                                                     $60


Foot Detox


$120 for 4 sessions

$200 for 8 sessions

Hot Stone Foot Therapy

Special heated stones gently rubbed over reflexology points on the feet soothes and relaxes.

Ionic Foot Detox

Detox the body through the feet.  An array is set in a simple foot bath that fills the water with high concentrations of positive/negative ions. Please see the video for further information.

Foot Spa & Massage

A pampered bubbly spa bath with Sea Salt Scrub topped with 15 min massage

Crystal Therapy
Try our Foot Bath with Crystals   and feel positively energized.


One hour of true Reflexology for feet & hands *Great for people with contraindications to full body work

Sugar Foot Scrub

Enjoy a hydrating Sugar Scrub for your feet with your massage  15 min session added to your massage